Smart cards are being provided to students at schools and colleges. It includes:

• Tracking student attendance.
• As an electronic purse, to pay for items at canteens, vending machines, and laundry
   facilities, etc...
• Tracking and monitoring food choices at the canteen, to help the student maintain
   healthy diet.
• Tracking loans from the school library.

Time and Attendance

• Automated Time and Attendance that provides many benefits.
• It enables full control of all faculty and staff working hours as well as the attendance of
• Integrated the use of RFID tags and/or biometrics in place of paper cards which faculty and
   staff tap or touch to identify themselves, as to students uses their scholl IDs with embedded
   RFID microchips to record their attendance as they enter or leave the scholl premises.

Access Control

• It is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resources.
• The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, or using.
• Provides restrictions on entrance to a property, a building or a room authorized persons may
   it be temporary or permanent.
• Physical access control is achieved through mechanical means such as locks and keys, or
   through technological means integrating RFID technology.

Cashless Canteen

• A prepay point of sales (POS) technology that allows transactions with the absence of cash
   at the time of purchase.
• It is used in canteens, particularly those in schools.
• Integrated with RFID technology, cash is converted into values and stored into PVC cards,
   thus a prepaid card.
• Cards are personalized and identified thereby eliminating theft and money loss.
• Also provides tracking of the buying behavior of card owner.

News & Updates

Google Wallet 2.0: The easy way to pay with NFC?

Google has unveiled the long awaited version 2.0 of its Google Wallet service. When a user conducts a mobile payment, this prepaid card draws on a credit or debit card which the user has previously linked to the card account to fund the purchase.
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MRT Contactless Ticketing System Readied

The DoTC online post said the project to install a contactless ticketing system for MRT 3 requires the installation of 76 automatic gates at the 13 stations of the MRT 3, supply of at least one million contactless cards/media.
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Taxi technology hits Davao: Pay via ATM or Debit card

According to Ryan Tan, assistant manager of Mabuhay Taxi in Davao City, 20 of the company's Black taxis will begin accepting payments from Bancnet and Megalink ATM and debit cards.
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