Access Control

Access control refers to security features that control who can access resources in the operating system. Applications call access control functions to set who can access specific resources or control access to resources provided by the application.

Time Attendance

The Time Attendance system is an advanced time collection and management system.Time is received by time clocks directly connected to the computer system, clocking in or out from a terminal, keyed from contactless cards which acts as a collection device for the time clocks.

Payment System

Contactless technology will enable customers to pay only by touching or tapping their card to a payment terminal. Once the card has been touched or tapped to the terminal, an antenna reads the signal from the card and payment will be processed without requiring a PIN.

Data Collection and
Long Range Readers

An RFID data collection device that collects data from tags or stickers and sends it to the host while Long range reader is capable of reading up to 90cm which is more suited for access control, car parking, and through-wall reading applications.


Contactless smart cards cater to many similar applications encompassed by contact smart cards, but allows for faster and more convenient transactions by eliminating the need for contact between the card and the reader.