Our Solution


Loyalty Program

SCT's Loyalty program offers the newest technology of using Contactless Smart Cards instead of magnetic cards.

The purpose of this program is to encourage customer to buy products in large quantities,use services more frequently, and to attract new customer.

GiftCard Program

A gift card is a restricted monetary equivalent that is issued by retailers or banks to be used as an alternative to a non-monetary gift. The Smart Gift Card Program allows businesses of all sizes to offer more purchasing options to customers, and it is a simple, cost-effective way to increase sales.

Cash Card Program

The Cashless payment system is an electronic payment solution designed to pay for all items purchased in a store, canteen or restaurant etc. A cash card can be any card that you can tap or touch with a preset cash value from a particular store, which is read by a cash card reader and used to pay for products or services at that retailer.

Time Attendance

The Time Attendance system is an advanced time collection and management system designed to eliminate the timely and manual entry computation of hours worked. User defined parameters determine overtime, under time, and tardiness of an entry. Time is received by time clocks directly connected to the computer system, clocking in or out from a terminal, keyed from contactless cards which acts as a collection device for the time clocks.

Access Control

Access control refers to security features that control who can access resources in the operating system. Applications call access control functions to set who can access specific resources or control access to resources provided by the application.

E-Healthcare Program

Smart health cards can improve the security and privacy of patient information, provide a secure carrier for portable medical records, reduce health care fraud, support new processes for portable medical records, provide secure access to emergency medical information, enable compliance with government initiatives (e.g., organ donation) and mandates, and provide the platform to implement other applications as needed by the health care organization.